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Golden Jubilee Year

Celebrating Golden Jubilee in 2014, Shree Pavanputra Vyayam Mandir (SPVM) is organizing the biennial 14th Invitational State championships this year. Started in 1976, these competitions have been organized over 35 years continuously now.

Started in 1963 in the presence of 4 - 5 people from the locality, SPVM has completed 50 years of its existence on 14th November 2014. We are happy to be 50 but also feel that this happiness should also be a ray of hope for emerging sportspersons. So instead of celebrating our golden jubilee in the traditional way, we have decided that it should reflect the changing times.

In the last 50 years, a lot has changed in the world of sports. India has transformed itself from an under-developed to a developing nation and in the next 25 years, could be a developed nation. However, development is best when it is holistic. With this in mind, while going through books on Olympics, we have started getting interested in the concept of “fit baby, smart baby - your baby.” The reason is simple - in the absence of strong foundation, how can a well-furnished building be built?

In the Invitational championships held in 2009 and 2011, we had kept different goals in our mind than on previous occasions.
Our horizons have expanded due to Gymnastrada / Kid’s Equipment / Toddler’s training. Children as young as 6 months are today playing through the medium of gymnastics. However, if we miss the steps in between, we cannot look at gymnastics as a competitive game.

We are looking at the 2014 competitions as a brief introduction to the variedly talented participants. It’s an experiment to see whether these players and their talents can be presented to the citizens of this city as well as beyond.

The usual competitions – Mallakhamb and Gymnastics – will be held. However, we aim to focus on children between 6 to 10 years of age. With the aim of building a healthy and fit future generation, we want to primarily focus on developing flexibility, strength, and stretching in these children. We wish to educate the coaches and parents of children in this age group with the help of experts, and also specialized kids and toddlers equipment.


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Golden Jubilee Year

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