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Innovative Concept by SPVM

SPVM is completing 50 years of its existence on 14th November 2014. We are happy to be 50 but also feel that this happiness should also be a ray of hope for emerging sportspersons. So instead of celebrating our golden jubilee in the traditional way, we have decided that it should reflect the changing times.

We have decided to focus our attention on children below 10 years of age. There have always been competitions for older aged children. However, there would be players in those competitions if we start at a much lower age. It's been our observation however that this age group has always been ignored.

Keeping this in mind, when we organized competitions in 2009, we for the first time started talking about Gymnastrada. We also displayed kid's equipment in the competitions held in 2011. However, it doesn't seem like much benefit has been derived from this.

However, two youth picked up this idea. Using the vast resources of internet, they researched and came up with the idea of toddler's equipment. They did not stop at that and 2 independent centers to focus on these aged children were started. They have also reached out to their cities in India to spread this idea. We are happy with their achievement as it is also indirect promotion for SPVM.

These efforts however haven't proceeded in the most organized manner. That can happen only when the scientific basis of these ideas is clarified.

That's the reason why we have decided that with the help of children in the 6 to 10 years age group, and the help of their parents and clubs, we study these ideas further and expand on them. That's one important reason why we are organizing this competition.

Even though a new born looks very much like an adult human, its done density and the capability of various internal organs does not match those of adults. So we can't really predict what a child would be capable of at that young an age. However, a science looking in to these aspects has evolved and its help is being taken to achieve success in sports at later ages. This science of human development has been of immense help in all sports disciplines.

International Gymnastics Federation have specifications about which apparatuses and elements can be practiced when by boys between 6 to 18 years of age and girls between 6 to 14 years of age. They have developed 3 courses based on that in which some Indians have also trained themselves.

The shift to kids and toddler equipments is actually a preparation for these courses in future. We are trying to determine areas where children from India and rest of the world, between age groups of 2 to 6 years, differ significantly. In this, we are seeking the help of Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Marathi Vidnyan Parishad.

Gymnastics Federation of India has recently introduced an age group of 10 years plus. However, we wish to determine if talent can be discovered in children at an even earlier age. We are seeking cooperation of experts from various fields including science, sports, medicine, etc. for this purpose.

However, all these ideas can become reality only if there are several hands of support available in various ways. If only a part of the resources invested in some of the popular sports are diverted to efforts like these in gymnastics, then a lost of shining examples of success will emerge in the form of sportspersons.



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